NDIS Employment Pathway

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

 introduction – 

The NDIS will provide all Australians and resident under 65 years old who have a permanent disable with the reasonable and necessary supports to be independent. The NDIS is being introduced in stages around Australia to ensure it is successful and sustainable. People who are eligible for NDIS support are called participants. Each participant has their own NDIS plan that identifies the outcomes they wish to achieve, the supports that will be funded by the NDIS and other supports the person requires.

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Residential Disability Support Worker

What  less qualifications could you have

  • Residential Disability Support Worker

Certificate III In Individual Support

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Disability Support Worker

What  less qualifications could you have


  • Disability Support Worker

– Certificate IV In Disability

– Certificate IV In Mental Health

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Occupation therapy

  • Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Occupational Therapy)

Occupational therapists

  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists assess and treat people who, due to illness, injury or circumstance, are limited in their ability to undertake everyday activities. They assist people to regain lost functions, develop their abilities and social skills, as well as maintain and promote independence in their everyday lives to enhance health and wellbeing.

 يقوم المعالجون المهنيون بتقييم ومعالجة الأشخاص الذين يعانون من مرض أو إصابة أو ظروف محدودة من قدرتهم على القيام بأنشطتهم اليومية. فهي تساعد الناس على استعادة الوظائف المفقودة وتطوير قدراتهم ومهاراتهم الاجتماعية ، بالإضافة إلى الحفاظ على الاستقلال وتعزيزه في حياتهم اليومية لتعزيز الصحة والرفاهية.
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physiotherapy Employment Pathway

  • Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance (Physiotherapy)
  • A Bachelor Degree or higher is usually needed to work in this job

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