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Short Courses

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Community Migrant Resource Center (CMRS)

CMRC supports newly arrived youth aged 15-24 years old and living in Holroyd, Cumberland or Blacktown Local Government Areas who are looking for work, studying or would like to do sports or social activities.

If you cannot afford some important short course or one day training that you need for a job, sometimes we may be able to help cover the costs or make suggestions about options to apply for scholarships.

contact : Hina : 96879901


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Community Migrant Resource Center (CMRS)

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Youth Transition Support Pilot-Australia

برنامج دعم انتقال الشباب هو مشروع تجريبي بقيمة 22.1 مليون دولار لمساعدة الشباب من اللاجئين والمهاجرين الذين تتراوح أعمارهم بين 15 و 25 سنة للمشاركة في العمل والتعليم.


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